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Heal with daily journaling + community

As deep-feeling, intellectually curious souls we are constantly seeking fulfillment.

But, we're looking outside of ourselves for direction, wisdom, and hope.

That stops now.

Journaling is the single most powerful tool for healing + transformation because it gives us the opportunity to pause, get present, and access our truth.

Fulfillment is when we create a life based on our inner wisdom.


Introducing AMP Tribe

Transformative self-care

AMP Tribe was created in March 2020 as the world was starting to catch on fire.

I invited my friends from all across the globe to commit to an 11-min daily journal practice.

I’d provide the prompts if they’d be willing to get radically raw with their private journal entries.

We showed up consistently

We met on-line each Tuesday for a live journaling + group coaching session.

I’d give a lesson, we’d journal together, some would share what they wrote while our community held space for their truth to see the light.

We journaled every day. We transformed in HUGE, scary AF ways.

We still solo journal daily and met every single Tuesday for our group journaling + coaching sessions.

We are AMP Tribe: Active. Mindful. Present.

Let us welcome you.

Be in community with other deep-feelers like you.

Get the tools you need to go mining for the gems hidden within yourself.

AMP Tribe offers:

Daily journal prompts
Monthly impactful themes
Values aligned global community
Live group coaching + journaling every Tuesday
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"The daily journal prompts are so on point for what I need!

Angela keeps me accountable with community conversations and reminders of past goals."

- Susannah, Executive Coach


"Journaling has taught me compassion to myself. I was mean to myself for a very long time, it got in the way of me being happy. I kept myself in my own cage until I realized I could acknowledge what's important to me."

- Jill, Storyteller, Wife & Mom

"Since joining AMP, I am so much healthier — in mind and body.

Journaling and connecting with like-minded people… It's been life-changing."

- Heather

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