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Transformative self-care through daily journaling + community

I created AMP Tribe in March 2020 as the world was starting to catch on fire. We showed up consistently, held space, and brought our full, scared, sacred selves.

Then something wild happened. As we dug deeper and deeper, we got raw, real, and vulnerable. We started sharing our journal entries. We showed up online to connect with others... and ourselves.

We transformed in HUGE, scary AF ways.

You can, too. Reconnect with who you are at your core. Rewrite those old stories that hold you back. Show up ready to play big and reclaim your power.

Let us welcome you to the AMP Tribe. You are held here. You are seen here. Welcome.


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AMP Tribe focuses on being in a community with other deep feelers like you.

Through live online journaling sessions, I give you the tools you need to go mining for the gems hidden within.

You’ll find the clarity you seek, progress quickly and efficiently, and experience authentic transformation.

AMP Tribe offers:

Live group journaling every Tuesday
Workshops, events, and guests teachers
Pop-up embodied movement classes
Feel seen, heard, and supported.

Transformative self-care starts here.

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"The daily journal prompts are so on point for what I need!

Angela keeps me accountable with periodic community conversations and reminders of past goals."

- Susannah, Executive Coach


"Journaling has taught me compassion to myself. I was mean to myself for a very long time, it got in the way of me being happy. I kept myself in my own cage until I realized I could acknowledge what's important to me."

- Jill, Storyteller, Wife & Mom

"Since joining AMP, I am so much healthier — in mind and body.

Journaling, meditation, foam-rolling, connecting with like-minded people… I can't even count all the benefits. It has been life-changing."

- Heather

Free 5-day JOURNALING for Anxiety Relief

Nurture yourself and reduce anxiety through the beautiful, transformative act of journaling. 

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