Dec 07, 2020

We are hurting, angry, lonely. We are crashing into moments, conversations, and experiences that make us feel like we are living in a dream.

It’s no wonder we just want “to make the world softer” by numbing out and turning down the pain.

But that’s cheating.

That’s dismissing a golden opportunity from the universe to come face-to-face with the exact thing that is keeping you from feeling fulfillment.

That discomfort may feel intolerable. But stay with me for a hot second because this technique could save your life.

This is the technique that I teach to my private clients as well as my AMP Tribe students during our monthly Group Coaching Sessions.

It’s an embodied technique that uses the power of saying things out loud, so that you can have the opportunity to hear them, feel yourself say them, and notice what feels right and true, and what feels like an old story.

Saying things out loud requires courage, and yes, it can feel weird at the beginning.

When people say things out loud so they can hear it themselves, they access a free tool that they can harness any time they need to get present and clear.

This grounding technique is built on this methodology, and my students find it remarkably helpful.

I am going to walk you through this technique, but in order to ground, you first need to have a focus.

You need to have something you want to work towards. It can either be specific (for example, completing a project) or more abstract (for example, living a value).

Also, get ready to name out loud the things you use to numb and distract yourself – this is the most powerful part.

By saying these things out loud, you quickly get grounded into the present moment, get clear on where you’re going, and start living your life in a way that aligns with your vision and values.

Ready to finally start living the life you want?

Watch the video below:

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