Stop comparing. Reclaim your power.

angela parker power Mar 08, 2021
Stop Comparing. Reclaim your Power.

Pop quiz!

Q: What’s NOT generous when you give it away? 


Specifically, your power.

And yet, we do it every f*cking day.


Every time you scroll through social media and feel unworthy, fat, poor, dumb…

When someone who is rich, sophisticated, educated, talented, etc., asks what you do for a living and you feel ashamed…

Learning that someone you know just crossed the million-dollar mark in their business and just yesterday you realized you can’t pay yourself this month…

Hearing your best friend talk about the fabulous sex they’re having with their partner, when you’d rather rake leaves than get naked with yours…

Seeing a couple so in love and deeply craving that for yourself, but no matter what you do it’s just not happening…

We allow what we perceive as personal and professional failures to make us feel small. And so we feel hopeless, thinking we can’t change. We stop trying. We do nothing. We play small. 

Playing small and staying small is how we give away our power. 


Listen up, you gorgeous creature. Some people may win the lucky sperm lottery, it’s true. Wealthy parents or who cushioned some of their financial falls… genetics that bless them with a stunning face, a lush head of hair, and an impeccable metabolism…  being in the right place at the right time… career boosts because they just so happen to know the right people… the brains to learn damn near anything quickly and efficiently…

But in all likelihood, you’re not seeing their struggles. And they do have them, let me assure you. You’re only seeing what they want you to see

What roadblocks have they had to bust through? 

Did they go through years with an abusive ex who they finally had the courage to leave, and then did the work on themselves to know what to look for in a partner who would be a great fit for them before they committed to anyone again?

Or previously have a career they hated until one day a coworker or mentor mentioned they’d be great at XYZ and should consider a professional pivot?

Work through an eating disorder with professional treatment, and continue to seek support when necessary because they know it’s a lifelong battle?

Everyone shows their breakthroughs. Very few talk about their flops


Getting stuck in comparison is an open invitation for your Saboteur to come waltzing in, and that bitch loves keeping you small and ashamed and powerless. She knows that your thoughts more than your situations keep you stuck, and she will do everything she can to keep you from waking up and taking action.

The minute you think you don’t have power, you’re f*cked, babe. 

But you can absolutely get out of your own way, kick your Saboteur out, and move forward while reclaiming your power and hope. 



I’d like to invite you to journal about your relationship with personal power using the following journaling prompts. 

Find a quiet space, turn off your notifications, and set a timer for at least 11 minutes.

Write everything that comes to mind, and at the end of the session underline your white-hot truth. 

  1. What is the single most reoccurring thought I have about not having the POWER to change my life? (be SUPER FUCKING specific).
  2. When I think about this thought I notice my body…
  3. Having this thought keeps from…


BONUS Action item: Meditation + Stillness challenge

Take 5 minutes to yourself for TOTAL stillness with no distractions for seven straight days. 

Read the following out loud to get you started. 

“I will TAKE ACTION + COMMIT to being still and watch my thoughts for 5 mins every day, starting today.  I will keep myself accountable by _____________ (name your accountability).  I’m ready to be power-FULL.“

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