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AP Values


Everything I give my time to is rooted in my personal values.

Everything my brilliant team develops is built on top of our team values.

Our values are the lens through which we view the purpose behind this sacred work and how it impacts clients, students, each other, and the planet.

This work has been created for YOU with the highest level of intentionality, purpose, and love.

My personal Values

As I evolve so do my values. That's the point.

With effective personal growth our internal compass becomes more accurate from our ability to discover and trust our inner wisdom.


My (current) top 5 values

  • Value: Yup, I value value. Giving it and receiving it.
  • Forgiveness: Self-forgiveness is my healing tonic of choice.
  • Creativity: I need loads of screen-free and time off to ignite it.
  • Nature: Everything feels possible when I'm in nature.
  • Follow-through: Following through is my love language.

AP Team Values

Living in alignment with your values demands clarity when sharing space with others.


Purpose-driven growth 

Our growth as a business is based on impact.

It begins and ends with the personal growth students and clients experience from using the tools and techniques AP offers.

When YOU experience transformation, that’s our greatest reward and how we know we’ve made an impact. 

Empowered collaboration

In seeing and honoring the gifts, talents, and knowledge that each team member holds, we encourage one another to step out of our comfort zones and try new things that inspire us step into our power — so that our team grows even stronger in our intention to create purpose-driven growth.

Transformative Content

We value value, and we never want to create content that just adds to the cacophony of digital noise. 

If our content doesn’t provide deep, significant value to you, we haven’t done our job. 

Our aim is to provide nuggets of truth, hope, and love to you – our readers, listeners, and viewers – because you deserve access to transformative content that you can use to create tangible changes in your life, whether you choose to purchase from us or not. 

Community Values

Since we're a values-based business, we require that our community share our values around social justice, human rights, and confidentiality so that every member feels held, seen, heard, and safe to explore and share.

All clients and community members MUST be committed to the following, with no exceptions:

  • We recognize our privilege and work to explore what it means for ourselves, for our communities, and for humanity as a whole.
  • Anti-racist exploration and action. Black Lives Matter.
  • LGBTQIA+ lives and rights matter.
  • Misogyny + the patriarchy are toxic for all. 
  • Intersectional feminism is the only feminism. 
  • Diet culture is toxic for all. 
  • We believe in weight neutrality, health-at-every-size, and body positivity.