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My directness, humor, and intuitive style is definitely not for everyone.

I’m not deterred by discomfort or silence.

I can push the right buttons to draw out what’s going on underneath.

I have a knack for seeing the inside an issue, recognizing your story, and how you mask it.

I hold my students radically accountable to choose, bottom-line, take self-ownership, and create space for possibilities.

My greatest gift is in my ability to deliver hard truths in a loving way that inspire you to clear away the shit, access your wisdom, and use your own truth to completely transform your life.

But, don’t take my word for it…


One of the most talented coaches I’ve met.

"Angela's keen perception and off-the-charts level of intuition allow her to identify and hone in on subtle shifts in tone and body language that would otherwise go unnoticed, leading to powerful introspection and insight.

She has an uncanny ability to instantaneously know when I am speaking from my heart instead of intellectualizing or justifying my situation. She has been instrumental in moving me out of my head and into my body when considering important decisions and relationship dynamics, and has helped me not only find clarity in what I truly want to create, but also show up in a congruent, authentic way.

I would recommend her, without reservation, to anyone seeking more clarity and fulfillment in their lives.”

— Cullen Steele (COO & Managing Consultant | Green Peak)

Angela helped me get ‘unstuck’ for the first time.

“Coaching with Angela helped me get ‘unstuck’ for the first time in a very long time. For a while now I have been a prisoner of being in a state of confusion, immobility, fear and really not knowing how to move forward in my career and my life for that matter.

Her gentle, kind, nurturing style along with some really unique ways of going deeper into releasing blocks and old beliefs, helped me break through a lot of stuff that I don’t need anymore. She helped me see the bigger picture of who I am at my core and how to live as authentically as possible.

I feel now I have tools going forward to guide me every day to listen to my inner wisdom to keep me growing and evolving. She helped me get really honest about what I truly want and how to live by that regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. For me that’s worth everything. Sometimes you just need a guide to show you what was already there and Angela did that for me in spades.”

— Karen Turner (Professional singer and musician, Los Angeles)


I realized that my stuckness was based on my old stories.

Being in transition and feeling stuck, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Angela.

Angela helped me realize that my stuckness was based on my old stories. Together with the AMP community, I'm able to release these old stories and fear.

— Grace (Los Angeles, CA)

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I’m now better at honoring what really works for me.

“Angela helped me swiftly and gently unlock and shift a couple of things that have baffled me thru decades of formal and informal efforts to understand and change. She helped me embrace and actually see the beauty in how I work after 25 years of thinking I should be able to do it differently. She helped me locate specifically where my fun comes from and determine where I do best so I can tap it.

I’m now better at honoring what really works for me as opposed to setting up rules for myself.”

— Laurie Parres (TV Writer, Los Angeles)

Angela helps me connect my mind and my body.

“I love working with Angela. She combines great, body-positive workouts including targeted individualized corrections with the continual push through journaling and coaching to be my best self.

The daily journal prompts are so on point for what I need and well integrated into the workout. She helps me connect my mind and my body so that I’m growing - getting stronger in both places, gaining new insights and putting them into action. And she keeps me accountable with periodic community conversations and reminders of past goals.”

— Susannah (Madison, Wisconsin)

Through journaling & coaching, Angela introduced the idea of values.

“Like a lot of people, I have my ups and downs and I’m always looking for a way to have more ups and get out of my downs. I meditate, exercise, eat healthy, get my sleep, etc. But every time my head spins I look for distractions which never really help. They’re always forced. And then Angela introduced the idea of values, which gave me something actionable to apply to my despair. It’s a way to look at a negative thought and see what value was being stepped on.

It’s not a magic bullet to make all my troubles go away, but it’s a simple, interesting pathway to help cope with despair, even if it’s just a tiny bit. So thank you, Angela! I value you.”

— Jay M.

Journaling each day has introduced me to myself.

"Before working with Angela Parker and joining the AMP Tribe, I walked through this world with a lot of armor, a ton of fear around making space for my authentic self. I covered up the real Jill thinking everyone wanted to see someone else. But that was painful.

Because of this pain, my thoughts were very negative and when I looked around me, I judged it all and it felt like I was a victim in my own life.

The practice of journaling each day has introduced me to myself, in all her glory. Those eleven magical minutes inevitably reveal some aspect of my being that has been ignored, untouched or covered up for quite some time. Every morning, I walk away with a sense of truth and compassion over my experience and evolving acceptance of myself. I’ve started to love myself again with the practice of journaling."

— Jill Ragsdale (Storyteller, Wife & Mom, Lioness - Colorado)


Journaling provides black & white accountability.


I can sneak away very easily from my biggest dreams in life by listening to the stories I had created. Journaling provides black & white accountability about what I want and what I don't want. 

— Jill Ragsdale (Storyteller, Wife & Mom, Lioness - Colorado)

Transformative self-care through journaling + community

Through live online journaling sessions, I give you the tools you need to go mining for the gems hidden within.

You’ll find the clarity you seek, progress quickly and efficiently, and experience authentic transformation.

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Angela helped me focus on my body, mind, and soul.

“Angela has helped me get into a regular well-being routine, focusing on my body, mind, and soul.

She is precise with her instructions, and I know that I am safe. The main objective is focusing on excellent form and nourishing my body and mind. That’s all.”

— Kristin Brown (Pharmaceutical sales, Austin Texas)

Angela creates community and draws people in.

“Working with Angela, you can get strong in body, mind, and soul. Angela understands the connection between the physical and emotional and brings an integrated approach to fitness.

Her approach is welcoming, challenging, and accepting. She creates community and draws people in with her warmth and joy.”

— Kendra (Vancouver, Canada)

I've replaced anxiousness with excitement.

“I came to AP Coaching because I felt I had really lost my path. After hitting menopause, changing my job and dealing with the COVID crisis, I wasn’t sure who I was any longer or where I was headed or why.

On just our first call I saw that I had been living by rules created haphazardly that didn’t fit me any longer, probably never really did. But I had the power to change the rules and for that matter, change the game!

Now instead of anxiousness, I am looking forward with excitement to creating this next chapter in my life.”

— Michele McRae (Development Director, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust)

I finally use journaling as a tool for when I need to process something.

“I am so grateful that I was introduced to Angela! Her beautiful spirit and energy is the perfect formula for coaching. I love being a part of AMP Tribe; a community of like-minded individuals striving to work on themselves.

In the past, I’ve struggled with journaling. By attending Angela’s weekly journaling sessions with her thought-provoking prompts she has helped me build up this muscle. And now I find that I use it as a tool for when I need to process something. Through journaling I have been able to see that I need to forgive myself first in order to live my life fully. And I have been able to identify that I need to forgive myself for my people pleasing, perfectionism and the painful thought of lost time.

The group coaching sessions are the best. It’s a place where I can be vulnerable and share authentically. There have been so many “Ah, ha” moments revealed to me.”

— Grace (Los Angeles, CA)


Being able to live my life through the lens of values is life-changing.

The really extensive value work we've done has really changed the way I approach everyday life.

It's really improved relationships and allowed me to be able to identify my values and when they get stepped on.

— Heather

Transformative self-care through journaling + community

Through live online journaling sessions, I give you the tools you need to go mining for the gems hidden within.

You’ll find the clarity you seek, progress quickly and efficiently, and experience authentic transformation.

Join our live journaling sessions


Anywhere you are, whenever you need

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Private Coaching

The Mastermind

AMP Tribe

I went from being completely stuck to being able to act.

Last year, during the quarantine I had the opportunity to participate in group life coaching sessions with Angela.

I began to think of time as an opportunity rather than something I lost and wasted. So I got busy and started taking new actions, moving beyond the initial distrust given by the pandemic and my past experiences. So I finally challenged myself, and with a producer, I released new music too. I chose to start over with new energy so I changed my brand name, and for the first time, I was the one composing my music, rather than just singing, and this led to new collaborations especially with the U.S.

The life coach sessions with Angela took me from being completely stuck, to being able to act, in a new way, with a new mindset, about myself first.

— Michela (Singer & Songwriter, Italy)

Angela has helped me pinpoint my goals.

"Interacting with her in group coaching sessions helped me really see where I want to be. Moving into private coaching sessions gave me the clarity of how close I am to achieving those goals.

Angela’s method of questioning and asking for the bottom line, without getting wrapped up in the story of how we got where we are, focuses thoughts and emotions in a way that enables people to really see THE thing that comes into focus. Angela doesn’t help sugarcoat experiences; she pushes you through the detritus to really get to the beautiful shining surface below.

When you see the reflection of who you are becoming, it is breathtaking!

— Yvonne (Creative nurturer, San Diego)

A single coaching session with Angela Parker changed the way I do business. 

I was struggling to figure out why I felt so dissatisfied and even disconnected from my work. I loved writing for entrepreneurs, and I loved the clients I was attracting, but something felt misaligned.
It was sucking the joy out of my work. And then Angela suggested we take a look at my values in order to find where the misalignment was coming from. 

I thought about my values, and the ones that came to mind were agency, creativity, and time. 
I wasn’t feeling in tune with my creativity because once I learned to write in my clients’ brand voices, writing for them each week was neither challenging nor stimulating. 

As for time, I felt resentful that I was using mine on tasks that didn’t challenge me, or that weren’t aligned with my values.
Angela suggested that I close my eyes and imagine my time, creativity, and agency as a precious, valuable object. Something tangible that I could hold in my hands. 

I feel so lucky to have found a coach who understands creatives, the creative mind, and the creative process because she is one, too.

— Kristen Channel

Before the Mastermind, I was feeling particularly lost. Having turned 52 I was really wondering what’s next? Though I was going through my days like I had for the past 10 years, something now felt a little adrift and passionless.

Working with Angela and the Mastermind program, I reexamined my values to see what was still important and serving me, what wasn’t and what might now be missing. I also learned how to develop a crew or Board of Directors, a dream team that I could envision to help guide me through questions or concerns. This was a great help with anxiety for me. Lastly, one of my biggest stumbling blocks on really moving forward were some past actions for which I needed to forgive myself. The Mastermind helped pull these into the light, look at them compassionately and move past them.

Now I’m living my values, all of them, and excited about the journey ahead. I’m letting the path unfold and have my tools in place to deal with anxiety or when I’m stuck as to a path forward. I know I’m exactly where I need to be.

— Michele McRae 

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