Value Intensive Program


Next values Intensive: Fall 2021

If you find yourself unable to know and say what you want, desire, or stand for — it’s time to hit pause, get off the ride, and get clear with your values.

A life lived without knowing your values is a waste of your one precious life. 

If you don’t know your values — you’re honoring someone else’s.

That stings huh?

Want to get clear on YOUR values + how to honor them?

Regardless of location, schedule, desire to connect with community in real-time or roll solo — this Values Intensive is for you.

Details announced Summer 2021.

Values Work


Straight talk? Discovering my values saved my life.

I'm a hard worker. I love showing up FULLY and in massive ways. Details are my love language. When I moved through the world not knowing my values I did everything, all the time, for everyone else, at 150%.

I did this because although I had no idea what my values were, I was clear on what society valued. It was (subconsciously) easier to just serve the value system of others.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

It sounds INSANE to read my old truth. But that was my reality. Although I was wildly successful (according to the value system of others) I never felt truly satisfied, alive, and free.

I felt like an imposter. I felt far from myself.

Values work gave me the framework to pull apart my life, evaluate every facet, then rebuild it based on my wisdom and my truth.

It saved my life and it can save yours.

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