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Whole-human healing and transformation for deep-feeling creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.


Are you a recovering perfectionist who's exhausted from "should-ing" all over your life?

Do you fantasize about picking up your life and shaking the sh*t out of it?

Do you suspect simplifying everything may be the secret to finding joy?

Are you ready to tell the voices in your head that say "you still haven't done enough" to f*ck off?

Heal and transform through embodied living

I'm Angela Parker

In 2018 I sold my thriving business in Los Angeles, packed up my life, and moved to a tiny village in the Italian Alps.

I got off the ride, redesigned my entire life based on my values, healed, and transformed.

Now I help other recovering perfectionist do the same.

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Get off the ride

The first step towards embodied living is to admit "this" isn’t working and that you’re ready to change your story.

Next comes the courage to simplify, commit to radical self care, embrace the ugly-cry, get in nature, and become still enough for the whisper of your truth to get louder.

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As you compassionately invite your darkness into the light through journaling — you’ll forgive yourself for giving away your power, abandoning yourself, and losing sight of your values.

Reconnecting with your authentic self allows you to rewrite your story, discover your values, and tell your saboteurs to f*ck off with ease (and humor).

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Embodied living is where worthiness + freedom meet because of your commitment to deep work, a supportive community, and an ability to fearlessly name + claim your deepest desires.

When you consistently take action based on your values - that’s when you look around your life and think “Now, this sh*t makes sense!”

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Own your values, own your power.

Apr 08, 2021

Journal your way to self-trust and self-forgiveness

Apr 01, 2021