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Whole-human healing and transformation for deep-feeling creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.


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Are you a recovering perfectionist who's exhausted from "should-ing" all over your life?

Do you suspect simplifying everything may actually be the secret to finding joy?

Do you fantasize about picking up your life and shaking the sh*t out of it?

Do you hear voices that say "you still haven't done enough"?

Are you ready to feel creative, fulfilled, and FREE?

Welcome friend.

Choose your own adventure:

Wake up in a year and everything is the same...

– or –

Wake up in a year to a life transformed.

Your move.

The Mastermind

Join our intimate global community of deep-feeling creatives & leaders for a high-touch experience to design a bold, brilliant life… on your own terms.

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Private Coaching

With my signature Embodied Coaching method, you’ll gain the tools and perspective shifts needed to focus your priorities, create realistic plans, and take action to achieve your goals... and you'll see fast tangible results.

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Journaling Community

Experience the joy of reconnecting to who you are at your core through daily journaling prompts. You’ll dig deep and gain radical clarity around your values so that you can take the actions needed to live a life that honors who you are now.

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Italian Alps Experience 2022

Come to my little Italian village for an unforgettable experience that invites you to get off the damn ride! Hit pause stop. Rest, read, ride, hike, journal, eat, connect, and become clear on how exactly what's next for your life.

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Mar 05, 2021

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Feb 23, 2021