Harnessing the Power of the Lunar Cycle to Design Your Life

moon Feb 08, 2021
Harnessing the Power of the Lunar Cycle to Design Your Life Angela Parker Coaching Journaling

I’ve written before about using the power of the new moon to set intentions around what you’d like to accomplish. Even if you’re not super woo like I am, taking the time during the new moon each month to pause and reflect on big or small changes you’d like to create in your life is a practice that will serve you well. You can notice what has and hasn’t been working and whether your life is in alignment with your values and goals. That, little birds, is invaluable. 

But as I mentioned in my set of tips to Start a New Moon Ritual, I use all the moon phases – and even my menstrual cycle – to guide my business activities as well as all the other aspects of my life. 

These are not new, “new age-y” ideas. Ancient civilizations noticed that the 29.5-day cycle of the moon was similar to women’s reproductive cycles and so they associated the moon with “feminine” qualities of not only human reproduction, but also agricultural practices and cycles, such as planting and cultivating crops. 

The moon was associated with all things mystical, intuitive, spiritual, and subconscious.


Modern Cycle Power

The beauty of following the moon phases is that you don’t have to have ovaries or identify as a woman to use them to your advantage.   


The New Moon

The new moon, or “dark moon,” occurs when the moon is not visible on earth because it sits directly between the earth and the sun. The darkness in the night sky represents new beginnings. We set intentions and goals during the new moon, start new projects, and cultivate new ideas. Get your ideas, intentions, and project gameplans out of your head and onto paper or into a voice memo to give them life. You’ll build towards bringing them to fruition during the waxing phase.


The Waxing Crescent Moon

When the illuminated portion of the moon is less than half full, the moon is in the waxing crescent phase. This represents the forward motion we begin to take to make the goals, intentions, and projects a reality. This is a time of positivity and motivation, as energy and moonlight grow more expansive. 


The First Quarter Moon

More commonly known as the “half-moon,” the illuminated area of the moon continues to increase, building in energy and power. Think of this as a seed starting to take root, building a foundation for your new plans and goals to build upon. The first quarter moon represents strength, determination, focus, decision making, and commitment to action.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon

During the waxing gibbous phase, the moon is more than half illuminated. Think of this as a budding plant, ready to bloom. This developmental stage is ideal for cultivating and refining plans and vision before the next phase. It represents gaining and attaining the smaller steps towards your larger goal.


The Full Moon

Who isn’t in awe of the powerful, stunning, fully-illuminated moon during her full phase? No one, that’s who! This represents your idea, project, or intention coming to fruition. It’s the plant in full bloom. The full moon is a time of healing and guidance, perfect for recharging your energy, which is why we witchy types set our divination tools (tarot and oracle decks, etc.) meaningful jewelry, and crystals out to “charge” in the full moon’s light. 


The Waning Gibbous Moon

Entering the waning phases, the moon’s illumination gradually decreases. During the waning gibbous phase, the moon is decreasing in light, but more than half illuminated. Focus here on habits, stressors, and negative thoughts you want to change or be rid of entirely. This phase is also known as a time good for communication.


The Third Quarter Moon

The illuminated portion of the moon continues to grow smaller. The third-quarter moon is the second “half-moon” of the 29-day cycle. This phase represents the finality of your “harvest” – the seeds you planted have grown, blossomed, and were reaped, and now is a time to reflect on what was accomplished, what you learned. 


The Waning Crescent Moon

During this phase, the moon appears as a sliver in the night sky. The finale waning phase is a time of rest up for the upcoming cycle that will begin with the next new moon, and a time to contemplate what you want to detach from and let go of. Rest. Surrender. And ready yourself for Sister Moon’s next phase.

How will you harness the power of the moon cycle to design your life and live your big, big, dreams? 


1-min Moon Cycle Action Step:

  • Notice which cycle you often feel the most powerful, clear, focused, and brave.
  • Grab your calendar and block off two, 2-hour blocks during that cycle to do deep work towards your big dream.
  • Use an emoji and your favorite power word to create the calendar entry.


5-Minute Moon Cycle Journaling Prompt:

Grab your pen and journal, and use the prompt below to guide you:

By dedicating time to focus on my big dream I feel ______, ______, and _______. By showing up to those 2-hour blocks I will give myself the opportunity to.....

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