Plan around the moon phases and your menstrual cycle for greater harmony in your life

cycle moon Mar 24, 2021

I’ve written before about harnessing the power of the moon phases to take action with ease.

In conjunction with the moon cycle, I also plan my months around my menstrual cycle, and it’s proved beneficial in so many ways. 

While the moon cycle is excellent for setting new intentions/goals and taking actions toward making them happen throughout the month, the menstrual cycle is especially helpful in knowing the kinds of activities I should (and can) focus on during a given week, taking into consideration what I know my mental and physical energy tends to be like at every point in my cycle. 

If you’re a person with a fairly regular menstrual cycle, read on to find out how you can create balance and ease in your life by following this simple system. 

You can also download my complimentary guide that merges the moon phases and your menstrual cycle, “Cycle Power: A simple system to reclaiming your time, power, and self-care” here!



The menstrual phase (bleeding)

The menstrual phase corresponds with the new moon/dark moon, in that they share similar energetic traits. 

This is a time of heightened creativity and intuition, and is great for setting intentions and goals. 

During this phase, your key sex hormones are at their lowest point, which can zap your energy. It’s common to feel tired, introspective, and withdrawn. So, listen to your body and give it what it needs – rest, snacks, and solitude!

I try to take the first 2-3 days of my period off from work completely, otherwise I find myself drained (and a total a-hole) throughout the entire week. I know this is a luxury not everyone can afford, but if you can practice extra, rest-filled (non judgmental!) self-care, your body and mind will thank you. 


The follicular phase

This is the time between the end of your period and ovulation. The follicular phase corresponds with the waxing moon. 

As estrogen and testosterone rise over the course of this phase, you’ll find you start to feel WAY more energetic, confident, and alert. You may find that you’re also willing to take risks, which makes this an idea time to take those first steps towards the goals or intentions you set earlier in the month. 

I call this my “power week”. I can deep-focus & workout like a boss. This is when I create curriculum and courses, then use that content to batch blogs and social media posts. This is not when I have sensitive conversations with my mother (or my team) because I’m way too intense.

This is the perfect time for making important decisions, taking action, and strategizing, so go forth and get sh*t done, sister. 



This is when your dominant follicle sends an egg to the fallopian tube – in other words, you’re fertile. Ovulation corresponds to the full moon. 

You’ll likely feel energetic, social, and notice a rise in your libido. So connect, connect, connect! You’re charming and sexy AF right now, so go get it! 

And by “it” I don’t just mean sex. This is an ideal time for product or program launches, professional networking, dinner parties, brainstorming sessions, live appearances, and public speaking.

I often notice this is the week I really crave connection with my lady friends and my team. When I ovulate I send lots of texts, make calls, write my team appreciation notes, and find myself searching my photos app for cute pics of my niece.  


The luteal phase

“Hello, PMS. So nice to see you again.” – literally no one, ever. The luteal phase corresponds to the waning moon.

You may still be riding the ovulation high during the first few days of this phase, but your hormones start to drop midway through and you probably go into “nesting” mode. You may notice a burst of creativity as well as find it more difficult to be around other people. So finding creative projects you can work on yourself is ideal. 

Meetings during this phase are iffy, depending on your energy and desire for solitude. But it’s a great time to write blog posts and articles, plan out next month’s schedule, organize your environment, batch cook, get into nature, and tie up any loose ends on projects that are near completion. 



I invite you to download my complimentary Cycle Power guide, which includes four week’s worth of journaling prompts and action items that correspond to the moon phases and the menstrual cycle. 

It’s a great introduction to help you notice what your body, mind, and soul need throughout each monthly cycle, and will help you reclaim time, power, and self-care. (There’s even a bonus section on solo sex magic! Enjoy… over and over!)

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